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The park will not open until new information linked to the actual crisis.

For all the birthday reservation, the online booking system is working. For the school or associations, please use the school booking form or the association booking form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

parc aventure genève - parcours accrobranche genève
Do you provide us with gloves?

They are not part of the equipment we lend you. You can bring your own gloves for your comfort. You can also buy a pair in our park for 10.-CHF.

Do we need a special equipment?

You must wear sneakers or sport shoes entirely closed.
Crocs, flip-flops, sandals are not allowed.
For the activity, we will provide you with an harness, safety lanyards and a pulley. You cannot come with your own equipment.

Do I have to go with my children in the trees?

It depends on their age, their height and the courses. But anyway an adult must always be present in the park during the activity.

On courses 1 to 4, the children above 7 years old are allowed to be by themselves in the trees. The children between 5 and 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult on those courses. The minimum height to access those courses is 1m50 with the hand. It means that the child must be able to grab a 1m50-high-situated bar. Otherwise the child could be allowed if he/she is accompanied with two adults: one before and one after.

On the courses 5 and 6, children above 7 years old are allowed to go if they can grab a 1m70 high-situated bar.

The course 7 is accessible to the children above 10 years old with an adult (an adult can accompany 3 children maximum) or for children above 12 years old alone.

The course 8 is accessible from 14 years old.

The teachers are not obliged to go in the trees with the students.

How long does the activity last?

According to how fit you are, a course can last about 30 minutes. We lend the equipment for 3 hours maximum on the big courses and 2 hours on the mini courses.

Do I have to book to come?

This is not mandatory but strongly advised. On some busy days (weekends for example) or during the rush hours (between 14:00 and 16:00) we cannot guarantee you with availabilities if you have not book.

For groups above 15 persons, booking is mandatory.

A booking must be done on our website at least 12 hours before the beginning of the activity. It requires the payment of the total amount.

However, for the schools booking is mandatory via the booking form for schools on our website. Any booking must be done at least a week before.

You cannot book the same day as you want to come.

I booked online but we will be more or less climbers?

In any case, thank you to tell us at least 2 days before so we can guarantee you the availability of the equipment. Usually you can add until 5 persons the D-Day.

We do not refund you but we offer vouchers valid one year.

For the schools, we adjust the number of children the D-Day according to their attendance. The price depends on their age. We ask you to determine the number of children of any age category.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all the credit and debit cards (Maestro, Postcard, Visa, Mastercard) except the American Express.

For the schools, you can find the prices on this page. Payment can also be done with cash but we ask you to limit the amount of coins.

Do you accept euros?

Yes, we do but we will apply the exchange rate parity and give you the change in francs.

How do we do if we want to postpone or cancel a booking?

Our courses are accessible even if it rains. If you decide to postpone your booking you have to warn us at least 24 hours before by email and we will do our best to find another suitable date according to our availabilities.

If you decide to cancel, you must tell us at least 24 hours before and communicate us an IBAN and your address so we can refund you.

If you cancel the day of your coming we will charge you with 10% handling fees (minimum 50.-CHF).

Is it possible to picnic there?

For your picnic, tables are available outside our park, 100m far from our tower.

What is your safety system?

We have a continuous safety line.

If you want you can watch the safety briefing video to discover it.

The teachers can show it to the students before coming.